​10-day Free-Trial

This system only works for those who are living in Japan.

10-day free trial will afford you the opportunity to acquire self-defense skills.

Most of schools want you sign up after you try one class , but we prefer that you train ​for 10 days before you decide, so that you really have a chance to see what it is like.

If you love the classes, you can sign up for one of the programs after the       10-day trial is over

​How to apply the 10-day free trial

1, First, let us know when you would like to start your       10-day free trail.

2, Please wear or bring comfortable clothes for under youGi. Also,we suggest you bring bottled water and a face towel.


3, We will provide free usage of one of our rental Gis during your 10-day trial.The instructor will give you one-on-one introduction of Gracie jiu-jitsu Osaka.

​4, You will be partenered with a long time student to help you easily understand the instructor.

Each class is 60 mins.

5, We will answer any questions you may have after class.

​6, Please return your rental Gi